Build a Performance Quadcopter for under £150 – Part 2

I would like to start off by saying thank you to HobbyKing for their extremely prompt service. I now have in my possession a cardboard box full of quadcopter parts. I wasn’t going to waste any time getting started.

The first task was to assemble the frame. The frame consists of two glass fibre plates, an upper and lower plate, as well as four coloured plastic arms, two red and two white. How you configure of these arms is entirely up to you. I decided I would have the two white arms pointing forwards while the red arms pointed backwards. Attaching the arms is simply a case of screwing them to each plate with the screws provided. I found it easier to attached the arms to the lower plate first before adding the upper plate. If your following along with your own build be careful not to over tighten these screws and I would suggest investing in a decent set of hex drivers before starting.

With the frame assembled I then moved on to attaching the motors. This was simply a case of lining the up the holes on the motor with the holes at the end of each arm and using the screws provided with the frame to secure them in place.

Keeping this post short because I have run out of time for now. Next up I will be preparing the speed controllers and flashing them with Simon K’s modified firmware. So stay tuned.


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