My GitHub

For anyone whose interested I have finally got around to setting up my GitHub account. The only repository on there at the moment is my Stellaris Launch Pad MOD and S3M player StellarPlayer as requested but I will endeavour to add more in the future.

Check it out here :- MikesModz on GitHub



7 thoughts on “My GitHub

  1. bobor

    Sorry, I am annoying. Can you upload also binary file, I think that I do not need make changes in your firmware. Just one question, if song playing finish go to next or playing in loop?

    1. mikesmodz Post author

      The song will continue playing in a loop. I’ll upload the binary later. Don’t have access or the ability to build it at the moment. Cheers.

      1. bobor

        hi, Is possible after song finis go to next? I am looking on sources but this is very complicated for me. I want create standalone portable player bout pressing button for next song is nod goog. Can you add this feature? this can make this player very use full 🙂

      1. Peter

        Hi Mike, can you please send my binaries for this version of player (automatic play next file) maybe I can pay you small donation. I want make player for my kids. Thanks very much.

  2. mikesmodz

    Hi Peter, sorry for the delay I have been crazy busy recently and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat I am afraid. I currently have a few issues with getting this project back up and running. I have been trying to import it into CCS v6 without any luck. Seems I am exceeding the amount of available RAM. Once I have it all back up and running I’ll endeavour to get something built for you.


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