Not another development board

I fear I am suffering an addiction. An addiction to buying development boards. With ARM appearing to take over the world every manufacturer worth its salt seems to be introducing new ARM based development boards. On a recent spending spree on Farnell a new line of STM32 based boards caught my eye. The STM32 Nucleo range offers a great way to try these powerful micro controllers and comes in numerous flavours. One feature of these boards is that they are mbed compliant allowing for fast development with the on-line development environment. MFG_NUCLEOAnother great feature is that they come fitted with arduino headers so you can use any existing  arduino shields you have laying around. An integrated ST-Link debugger/programmer comes as standard so there is no need for any external tools. Supported development environments for these boards include IAR EWARM, Keil MDK, mbed and GCC based IDEs such as Atollic TrueStudio.

I opted for the STM32F401 one of the high powered variants. The STM32F401 comes fitted with a Cortex-M4 micro controller running at 84 MHz, has 512 kB of flash and bags of I/O including 4 dedicated SPIs. Can’t wait to start playing around with this board stay tuned for more updates.


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