There’s life in the old dog yet…Part 3

After a bit of reading around the subject it appears the majority of Amiga video problems are either related to issues with the RAM or the Agnus (Address Generator) chip. The RAM chips are all soldered directly into the board so I re-soldered all of those and still the same issue.

Then I remembered when I first got my brand new Amiga back in the day the first time I plugged it in I had a similar issue. I phoned the computer shop where I had bought it and they said “Its most likely because one of the chips is not seated correctly in its socket. Unplug every thing and hold it flat about two inches above a soft surface (like carpet) and then drop it”. You can imagine my horror. But they assured my if it didn’t work they would replace it with no issues. Much to my relief at the time it worked.

The Agnus chip sits in a 84 pin PLCC socket so I removed Agnus from her socket and set to work re-soldering all of the pins. I reseated Agnus and put everything back into the case before reapplying the power. Much to my relief it appeared to work and since the floppy emulator was still connected it booted straight to the Amiga Pi Drive front end.

Using Maurizios Amiga Pi Drive emulator couldn’t be simpler. The front screen shows a list of all of the ADF (Amiga Disk File) and ADZ (compressed ADF) files found on the SD card. Four floppy drives are shown on the right. The interface only supports drives 0 and 1 (SE0 and SEL1 lines from the motherboard). Drive one may be disabled if you wish to fit a real drive.

Amiga Pi DriveEach drive can be loaded with a number of ADF or ADZ files. The first file in each drive drive will be loaded when emulation is started. For all intents and purposes the Amiga sees a real floppy in this drive and begins to boot it. Pressing the “Change” button loads the next file in the list into the drive. If changes are made on that drive pressing the “Write” will write the contents back to the file on the SD card.

Imgp0746The internet is rife with Amiga emulation sites so finding all my favourite games wasn’t difficult. I downloaded a few I put them on the SD card. Then it was just a case of reminiscing those good old 16 bit classics. I must admit though playing games on my old Cruiser joystick felt a bit alien after playing with modern console controllers. Still the playability of the old Amiga games still win hands down in my opinion.



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